October 18, 2011 at 15:00

Elizabeth Biedrzycki

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Discovering His Passion Bible Study Workbook

A purpose that you would die for would certainly be named your passion. We will discover the passion of God, the Father, which led Him to sacrifice His only Son. We will look through the eyes of His Son, driven by the same passion, willing to be obedient, even unto death. Discovering His Passion is designed as a seven-week individual Bible study combined with 8 small group learning experiences enhanced by supplemental video. Also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Click on the links below to download/view each week’s lesson .

English: Week One Español: Semana Uno
Week Two Semana Dos
Week Three Semana Tres
Week Four Semana Cuatro
Week Five Semana Cinco
Week Six Semana Seis
Week Seven Semana Siete
Leader’s Guide Estampas Dramática
Guiá para la Líder


Discovering His Passion Bible Study Videos

Discovering His Passion Session 1

Discovering His Passion Session 2

Discovering His Passion Session 3

Discovering His Passion Session 4

Discovering His Passion Session 5

Discovering His Passion Session 6

Discovering His Passion Session 7

Discovering His Passion Session 8


A Woman’s Choice

A witnessing tract that has a feminine appeal. A simple, beautiful presentation of the gospel, honestly sharing that though the wages of sin are certain, we can make a choice that gives eternal life.

Click on the link below to download/view A Woman’s Choice in the following languages:


Cost: 15 cents each

Cynthia Atherton