Older Years: Ages 4-5

October 19, 2011 at 15:25

Maritza Solano

Unit 1: People in My World Love Me
This unit focuses on family, teachers, and friends in the lives of children who are ages four and five. These children are forming new relationships. We have the privilege of helping them know that people in their world love them and that God loves them. We are laying the foundation for a personal relationship with God that will last for an eternity!

Unit 2: God Created All Things
The learning activities in unit two are planned to help fours and fives understand that God is the Creator of our world. Each session will highlight a different aspect of creation. We begin our unit focus by talking about day and night and end the unit by helping children understand that God made all people. The activities of this unit are designed to foster an appreciation of the things God created and help young children develop awe and respect for the wonderful world God has given to us.

Unit 3: I Can Say Thank You to God
The Bible contains numerous stories of people who have voiced their thanksgiving to God. During this session, we will lead young children to follow their example by saying thank you to God, also. Many experiences have been planned to help children build on this basic principle of our faith. As we lead children to say thank you to God in the older preschool years, we teach them that God is the source of every good thing that comes to our life.

Unit 4: Jesus Is Bor
The learning activities in Unit Four are planned to help fours and fives understand that Jesus was a baby and grew as a child just as they are growing.Emphasis will be placed on the care that Mary and Joseph provided for Jesus as they followed God’s guidance. The sessions also are designed to help fours and fives learn that God cares for them as they are growing older.

Unit 5: Jesus as a Child
This unit focuses on the life of Jesus as a child. The visit of the Wise Men, the family’s flight to Egypt, Jesus’ growth, and Jesus’ experience at church are highlighted in the unit. The activities of this unit are designed to help older preschoolers recognize that Jesus grew from an infant to a toddler, a preschooler, and a child, just as they are growing. During Jesus’ early development, God loved and protected Jesus and his family. Older preschoolers can begin to understand that God loves them and provides people in their lives to protect them also.

Unit 6: I Love My Church
The stories and activities in this unit are designed to help create a love and appreciation of God’s church. Four stories have been selected to help older preschoolers conceptualize the value of church in the believer’s life. Each activity is tied to a learning aim that emerged from the selected stories and is written with the child’s developmental level in mind.

Unit 7: I Am Special to God
The lessons in this unit are designed to help children know that God loves them and that they are special to God.

Unit 8: Learning About Jesus (Easter unit)
This unit provides the child with four stories that consider who Jesus is. As children experience the activities in this unit they will have many opportunities to hear and talk about Jesus and the ways that Jesus is important to their life today.

Unit 9: My Famil
The sessions of this unit serve as biblical reminders of ways that God preserves and protects people within their families. Each relationship presented will prompt older preschoolers to acknowledge God’s role in caring for them through their family. The sessions expand the concept of family to include members of the church family and people in the community.

Unit 10: I Can Be a Good Friend
This unit will help children in the older preschool years understand the value of good relationships with others. Five Bible stories are used that demonstrate qualities found in highly valued associations with friends and relatives. In each story, the child will be directed through several activities to learn about getting along, demonstrate ways to show care and concern, and analyze ways to be good friends to others.

Unit 11: God Cares for Me
Children in the four- and five-year age range are beginning to understand the concept that God is relational and seeks to care for all people. Four different biblical models of God’s care are presented in this unit. The stories are examples of ways God demonstrates care for humankind through giving rules, through providing safety from the natural elements, through providing needed rain, and through helping people work together to rebuild a destroyed city. By experiencing these stories through familiar activities they will begin to develop a foundational understanding of God’s love and care for adults and young children.

Unit 12: The Bible Is a Special Book
The focus of this unit is the Bible. Fours and fives are beginning to learn from important people in their lives that the Bible is different from other books. It is a unique book and one that deserves their reverence. The major goal of this unit is to build on this concept by helping young children understand that the Bible is special because it helps all people understand and know God better.

Unit 13: I Have Friends at Church
This unit will help children in the older preschool years understand that God provides healthy relationships with adults and children. Children will be guided in Bible Learning Activities that will help them focus on positive relationships and ways they can demonstrate thankfulness for friends. Many direct experiences are provided that will help children develop a unique understanding of God’s blessing of friends.

Unit 14: I Can Be Kind
The activities of this session will help preschoolers in the older preschool years begin to value and express specific acts of kindness. Four biblical models of kindness are presented in the various sessions. These models will enable fours and fives develop a beginning knowledge of ways they can demonstrate kindness in their home and in their community.

Unit 15: Thank You, God, for My World
The activities of this unit will help children express thankfulness for the many aspects of God’s creation. Specific sessions are planned that focus on the creative power of God in forming land, water, night and day, animals, plants, and boys and girls.

Unit 16: Jesus’ Birth Is Good News
This series of lessons presents the good news of Jesus’ birth to young children. Numerous activities and opportunities are provided to explain the facts of the story and help children experience its joy.

Unit 17: The Bible Helps Us Know God
Fours and fives are being introduced to language and print through books in their home, signs in their community, and instruction in their weekday programs. It is important to help young children in the older early childhood years know that the Bible contains words that help them know about God. The activities in these sessions focus on using the Bible to help children become interested in four aspects of the Christian life: making good choices, worshiping God, knowing Jesus, and telling friends about Jesus.

Unit 18: God Loves Me
The concept of God is an extremely abstract understanding for children in the early childhood years. It is hard for them to relate to a living being they can not hear, touch, or see. The Bible stories in this unit are designed to help older preschoolers develop a greater understanding of the ways that God relates to his children. It is also hoped that the Bible Truth and Learning Aim of each session in this unit will help build foundational understanding of the God of our universe.

Unit 19: Things We Do at Church
This unit will help children in the early childhood years develop positive concepts concerning things that we do at church. The children will experience activities that will help them know that we give offerings to God, read the Bible, pray, and sing at church.

Unit 20: Jesus Is Wonderful (an Easter unit)
The events surrounding the Easter story are presented in this unit. The unit begins with Jesus’ triumphal procession into Jerusalem. Each succeeding session helps children focus on the wonderful news that Jesus is alive.

Unit 21: Friends Help Us
The aim of this unit is to help four- and five-year olds learn about the value of good friends. Several biblical models of friendship are provided to help children experience healthy relationships.

Unit 22: God Gives Us Families
The sessions in this unit are planned to help children know and understand that God gives us families. Several biblical families are presented in this unit to help children see similarities to their own families.

Unit 23: People at Church Do Special Things
Fours and fives will learn how people in the early Christian church loved one another and shared their message with others throughout the world.

Unit 24: I Can Learn in Many Ways
This unit is designed to help fours and fives know that God gives them five senses so that they can learn about the world. Activities are planned that will help children investigate ways their senses enable them to experience new things. Each activity is tied to a Bible story that highlights one of the senses.