October 18, 2011 at 21:50

Maritza Solano

Babies: Units 1-24

Unit 1: People in My World Love Me
This month our unit will focus on family, teachers, and friends in the lives of babies. The most important person we have the privilege of introducing is Jesus.

Unit 2: God Created All Things
Babies will learn about the sun, moon, stars, flowers, plants, trees, and animals. But the most important thing we can teach babies is that God loves them and made them very special!

Unit 3: I Can Say Thank You to God
During this first year, it is so important that babies hear the words “thank you” many times. These two simple words are so powerful! This unit includes a Thanksgiving emphasis.

Unit 4: Jesus Is Born
Christmas! For babies, this is the first Christmas they will experience. During this month, babies should hear the words, “Thank you, God, for baby Jesus.” Remind the babies often that Jesus loves them!

Unit 5: Jesus as a Child
This unit focuses on Jesus growing as a child. The babies you teach are growing mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. What a great privilege to teach and love babies!

Unit 6: I Love My Church
Happy times at church build faith foundations for babies. As you meet their needs, babies begin to trust you. When you tell them you love them and God loves them, they believe you!

Unit 7: I Am Special to God
This month you will communicate to babies how God made them very special! As we teach them, we communicate to them that they are important and are indeed very special to God!

Unit 8: Learning About Jesus (Easter unit)
This month, our unit focuses on Jesus’ love for the child. Take the time to communicate to the babies and to their families how much you love them and how much Jesus loves them!

Unit 9: My Family
Babies learn about love and trust as their family members meet their needs. The foundation of love and trust is the basis on which future relationships, including a relationship with God, will grow.

Unit 10: I Can Be a Good Friend
Babies are not able to grasp the concept of being a friend at this early age. A friend is someone who loves you and can be trusted in every situation. In a baby’s life, the people who take care of them and play with them are their friends.

Unit 11: God Cares for Me
This unit’s Bible stories are linked by one common idea: God cares for us.

Unit 12: The Bible Is a Special Book
In this unit, teachers have an opportunity to teach babies about the Bible through babies’ senses.

Unit 13: I Have Friends at Church
This unit on friendship will help babies feel loved and cared for by people at church.

Unit 14: I Can Be Kind
During this unit, babies will hear that God loves them and that God wants us to be kind.

Unit 15: Thank You, God, for My World
This unit will show babies that God created the world for them and, most importantly, that God created and cares for them. A Thanksgiving emphasis is included.

Unit 16: Jesus’ Birth Is Good News
This unit is intended to help babies begin to associate the happy feelings of birthday celebrations with God’s perfect gift to each of us, the birth of the special baby, Jesus.

Unit 17: The Bible Helps Us Know God
This unit is intended to help babies know that God loves them.

Unit 18: God Loves Me
This unit is intended to help babies know that God loves them.

Unit 19: Things We Do at Church
This unit is intended to help babies experience going to church as a happy time.

Unit 20: Jesus Is Wonderful (an Easter unit)
This four-session unit is intended to help babies know and experience God’s love.

Unit 21: Friends Help Us
This five-session unit is intended to help babies learn that Jesus and their teachers are their friends.

Unit 22: God Gives Us Families
This four-session unit focuses on the importance of families.

Unit 23: People at Church Do Special Things
This four-session unit focuses on fellowship at church and emphasizes providing a warm and welcoming experience.

Unit 24: I Can Learn in Many Ways
This five-session unit focuses on helping babies use their senses to begin to experience God’s love and their world around them.