October 18, 2011 at 15:27

Maritza Solano

Early Childhood Bible Study Resources

For Babies, Ones & Turning Twos, Middle Years (ages 3-4) and Older Years (entering kindergarten and first grade)

These Bible study units will help children lay foundations for faith in ways appropriate to the children’s ages, individual needs, and cultural background. Materials are provided for babies and ones; twos and threes; and fours and fives.

These materials are

  • designed to be practical and easy to use
  • characterized by activity learning that is child-centered
  • encourage children through their activities to discover and learn truths for themselves


The curriculum is organized in monthly units rather than weekly sessions. The activities suggested are grouped into three different age groupings—birth-to-three months, four-to-six months, and seven-to-twelve months. More

Ones & Turning Twos

The curriculum is organized in weekly sessions. The activities suggested are grouped into two age groupings—twelve-to-eighteen months and nineteen-to-twenty-four months. Teaching suggestions are also provided for children who are turning two. More

Middle Years (ages 2 – 3)

Early Childhood Bible Teacher—Middle Years is for teachers of young children who are two and three years old. More

Older Years (ages 4 – 5)

Early Childhood Bible Teacher—Older Years is for teachers of fours and fives. More

Supplemental Material

These materials supplement the Bible Teacher materials in Early Childhood Resources.

Allergy Alert Poster

Prepare For the Child

The Disease Prevention Method of Changing Diapers

Baby Schedule Card

Child Schedule Card

Vacation Bible School Material

Vacation Bible School Material (Español)