October 18, 2011 at 14:58

Elizabeth Biedrzycki

Adult Bible Studies and Resources


Bible Studies

These Bible studies for adults focus on books of the Bible. Lessons are based on the main emphases of the biblical books. You will find the lessons practical, helpful, and immediately useful to teachers and learners. Also, most studies include free resources. Complete List


Supplemental commentary is offered for each of our Bible studies in electronic format (PDF). This commentary provides insightful information for teachers seeking to dig deeper in their preparation each week. Complete List

Teaching Plans

Supplemental teaching plans are also available for each of our Bible studies in electronic format (PDF). These plans provide additional ideas for leading class members to encounter and respond to biblical truth. Complete List

Teaching Resources Items

These consist of handouts and other items for in-class use. Complete list

BaptistWay Bookmarks

Provide a bookmark for class members with lesson dates.

Estudios Biblicos Para Adultos

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